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Designed to give you back your space.  

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Rack Products


TS-4 Bike Rack


Wall mounted rack for 4 bicycles.


Adjustable Length Arms For TS-4 Rack

For use with bikes with 16"- 26" front wheels.

Replaces the standard support arms, using the same hardware.

IMG-3326 (2).jpg

Plus-1 Extension For TS-4 Rack

Add 1 bike to the end of the TS-4 rack.

Can be used on either side.

Add an extension to each side for up to 6 bikes on one rack.

Why This Rack?
Does it Work With My Bikes?


Storing 1 or 2 mountain bikes is a relatively easy task. But getting beyond that you either give up space to your bikes, or trap bikes behind other bikes.

This rack was designed to accomplish 2 goals:

Take up as little space as possible.

Allow easy access to any bike without removing any others.

Vertical mounting is the obvious solution for storing more than two bikes in a limited area. There are some solutions out there, but there was plenty of room for improvement. With any solution, the rack needs to be secured into a stud, which limits the spacing of individually mounted racks to a minimum of 16". With static racks, the wide handlebars of mountain bikes become barriers: overlapping, blocking access, and hanging up on each other.

The Tight Stack uses a single mounting plate to allow the bikes to sit just 12" apart. Rotating the handlebars makes sure they don't overlap. And the ability to page through the bikes means any rack position can have unobstructed access to store or retrieve your bike.


Left to Right:

29", 27.5", 26", 700c


Mountain Bikes

The Tight Stack bike rack was designed with mountain bikes in mind. If you have multiple bikes with wide, flat bars, then this was made for you.

Road Bikes

Road bikes with skinny tires and drop bars work great, too. While they may not have all of the storage woes that wide-bar mountain bikes have, a lot of us have many styles of 2-wheeler, and road bikes will have a place in your rack, too.


E-bikes may be too heavy. We have rated the rack at 50 pounds for each bike. 


Fenders may not work with the front wheel basket: 

The mud guard style fenders that stick straight back from the fork crown work great. This was a design requirement here in the PNW.

However, if the fender curves around with the tire, then the bike will sit on the fender. It is not recommended to rest the bike on the fender.

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes will not fit in the current front wheel basket. The basket is 3.0 inches wide. Hopefully in the future we will have an option for this.

Smaller than 26"

For bikes with wheels smaller than 26", we offer adjustable length arms. These are compatible with 16"- 26" wheels, and may accommodate smaller than that.



Printable - single sheet front/back

Large version for on-screen viewing

TS-4 Stored and Swing.png

Total space required for the TS-4 Rack:

The diagrams at the left shows a top-down view of the space required.

Dimensions shown are based on size medium modern mountain bikes, with 750mm handlebars. Actual space required will vary with factors such as handlebar length and seat height.

When measuring space for the rack, locate the studs it will be mounted to. The rack will be mounted to 3 studs, on standard 16" spacing.


To allow the bikes to fold all the way for storage, you need 52" from the center stud on one side.

The opposite side requires 47" from the center stud to get a full swing. However, the rack will still function properly as long as the end rack can rotate to the straight-put position, requiring as little as 35" from the center stud.

Recommended height for the top rack bolts is 66", and you need to have 22" above the top bolt in order to get a 29" tire into the rack. Depending on bike lengths, you may be able to lower the rack.

TS-4 From Studs 1000x650.png


Weight Limit:

50 lbs (22.5 kg) per bike

175 lbs (80 kg) per rack

Rack Dimensions:

40" wide

26" max extension from wall

40 pounds


Zinc Galvanized Steel

Zinc Plated Steel

UHMW and Bronze Bushings

Tips and Tricks


Stacking Bikes:

Turn the handlebars to the left, and swing the bike to the right,


Turn the handlebars to the right, and swing the bike to the left.

Align your pedals:

If you have put bikes in a pickup bed, you know the drill - all cranks go to the same angle, and you know the pedals won't hit each other

Wheel Sizes:

Smaller wheels sit lower in the rack than bigger wheels. For some bikes, this may cause the fork to touch the rack. For wheels smaller than 26", we offer an adjustable length support arm.


If all of your handlebars sit at the same height and angle, they won't touch. But most likely there will be a variety of cockpits. Swapping the rack placement of bikes can make a big difference in handlebar clearance between bikes.

DSC03690 (2).JPG

Swing bikes to either side, whichever works best for your space.

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