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Mossy Cog Designs is a project for a couple of engineers who would prefer to spend their days in the mountains. With bikes and skis on our minds, and a strong engineering background, we hope to bring solid, dependable products to enhance your hobbies.

Our background in the mountains is a mix of mountain biking, skiing, camping, and hiking. 

Our background in engineering is in factory automation and tooling. The products we design, test, manufacture, and build are used everyday in industrial environments. That means that the products have been designed to be used by real people, with well thought out ergonomics, simple maintenance, and industrial durability.


With Mossy Cog Designs. we would like to bring to the market products which will be useful and unique. We are looking for products that fill a need that doesn't exist yet in the market. Our background means that we can provide products that meet the needs of the those who work for a living: ease of use, durability, and a reasonable price.

Riding Composite A.jpg
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