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December 11, 2020

Press Release: Mossy Cog Designs

Mossy Cog Designs announces the Tight Stack Bike Rack, a wall-mounted rack designed to save you space. Whether you personally have a full quiver of bikes or a bike for each member of the family, our rack will pack them in tightly, freeing up precious space in your garage, shop, or storage area.

Mossy Cog Designs, based in the Pacific Northwest, was founded out of necessity thanks to our serious mountain bike addiction. At one point in time, each company member's small Seattle condo was overrun with bikes, leaving little space for anything else, and we knew it was time for a change. Unimpressed with the selection of wall-mounted racks at the time, we knew we could leverage our 20+ years of collective design and manufacturing experience to create a rack that would solve our storage issues.


Easy access to load or unload. All bikes stay in the rack, with no tangling of bars and cables.

While solutions exist for hanging 1 or 2 bikes, it’s difficult to find options that store multiple mountain bikes in a clean and functional way. Our patent-pending swing and swivel action on the TS-4 allows 4 bikes to nest close together and makes removing any one of them a breeze. Gone are the days of shuffling bikes around the garage just to get to the one you want. Simply flip through your bikes on the wall like you’re back in your youth searching through your favorite binder of old CD’s on a road trip, straighten out your handlebars, and pull your bike of choice from the wall.


TS-4 rack mounted.


TS-4 rack with a Plus-1 Extension

The base model rack can accommodate standard full-size wheels (26”, 27.5”, 29”, 650B, 700C), and adjustable length support arms are available to hold bikes with wheels as small as 16”. Single bike extensions can also be purchased and added to each end, meaning the rack can accommodate up to 6 bikes.


Adjustable arms make it easy to keep all of the family bikes in one place.


Made to be used. Made to last. Made in the USA

Why This Rack

The Tight Stack Bike Rack was designed to accomplish 2 goals: to take up as little space as possible and to allow easy access to any bike without needing to remove any others.

We found vertical mounting to be the best option for storing more than two bikes in a limited area. With any wall-mounted solution, the rack needs to be secured into a stud. While this limits individually mounted racks to a minimum spacing of 16” based on standard spacing of 2x4 studs in home construction, the TS-4 uses a single mounting plate to allow the bikes to sit just 12" apart. Rotating the handlebars ensures they don't overlap and the ability to page through the bikes means any rack position can have unobstructed access to store or retrieve your bike.

Rack Specs

Weight Limit:
50 lbs (22.5 kg) per bike
175 lbs (80 kg) per rack

Rack Dimensions:
40" wide
26" max extension from wall
40 pounds

The Tight Stack Bike Rack is available now for $375 with shipping included, with purchases limited to the US until further notice.


For more information on the Tight Stack Bike Rack by Mossy Cog Designs, click here.

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